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for Legal and paralegal services

Do you want us to alleviate paperwork with your marriage / separation / divorce?

Do you have a pending legal matter? Small Claim Court? Family Court? Traffic tickets?

Maybe you are eligible for Legal Aid, Welfare?






for Translation / Interpretation

Any documents to be translated, notarized, legalized, certified?

Do you need interpretation services to overcome language barriers?

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for Introduction, matching

Do you feel lonely? You don’t want to be alone any more?

You want to find the right person to fall in love, to marry and make your life a real realm of happiness?

All you need is to meet the right person of your life, to get acquainted with your fiancée / fiancé, and to form a happy and life-lasting marriage.






for tourism

Do you plan a tourist trip? You want to enjoy it to the utmost?
Let us see what the real experts in the field can do for you.

Tourism in Toronto, Canada






Tourism in Kiev, Ukraine






Tourism in Odessa, Ukraine







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