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Our prices

We are affordable, competitive and you get high quality service for a reasonable remuneration.

Translation / interpretation services

Prices depend on many factors, including languages, volume, deadlines, certifications, notarization, etc.

To get an estimate for a translation project, please do:

Send us (by E-mail, courier, drop-by) a specimen of what you need to be translated, of good quality, on acceptable media (printout, scan, electronic file, etc.) and call us.

Please do not forget to mention the total estimated volume, time limits and constraints, source and target languages, type of text or field of specialization, contact person and contact phone (E-mail / alike), type and level of certification / accreditation / notarization / legalization (if needed), type of media for input and output, other relevant and pertaining information.

We shall do an evaluation and advise you on how much time will be needed for the job turnaround, estimate the price and availability of special resources (if needed).

Then we shall inform you of all above, agree on details and start implementing the project.


Very approximate rough non-urgent reference prices (subject to change based on multiple factors):

Usual minimal price for any translation


Average price per word (very approximate)

$0.25 (0.10-0.35)

Average price per hour (very approximate)

$75 ($50-100)

Driver license / power of attorney into English

$75 / $190

Short-form birth / marriage / divorce / death / school / police / good conduct / criminal clearance certificates into English


Long-form birth / marriage / divorce / death / school / police / good conduct / criminal clearance certificates into English


School certificates, college / university diplomas (with transcript) into English




Oral interpretation for driver license examination in GTA Ministry of Transportation / preparation

$450 / $250

Oral interpretation at meetings, courts, appointments, etc.

$75x4h. (=$300) min.

Simultaneous oral interpretation (half a day / one day)

~$450 / $800

Extra copy


Urgent, complex


For your reference, a ôregularö page contains around 300 words / 2000 characters.

For interpretation minimal time is 3 (three) and usual time is 4 (four) or more hours per assignment.

Simultaneous interpretation needs special equipment and min. 2 (better 3) interpreters per booth.

Urgent work always costs more than non-urgent.

Big projects from new clients require 50% prepayment in cleared funds to start the work.

N.B. we usually do not consider projects with prices less than 0.08$/word or 25$/hour,
usual minimal price for a translation / revision is $45.

If somewhere else the price seems to be too low, maybe the quality is not very high either. We do not undertake low-quality price-cutting projects, thanks.


We are for profit company. We can also negotiate and make our cooperation mutually beneficial.

We invite intermediaries, go-betweens, brokers, agents, referrals, etc. but please inform us in advance, and you get up to 5%.

Please call us, write us, come to see us, and let us do what we are good at for your benefit.


We deliver in time, high quality and excellent service.

Please, call / send information / make appointment and come to see us.
We will be delighted to see you in our office and to be of service to you. Sincerely yours,

Karl Marx at Karl Marx Translations.